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30 Sep 2011 Always consult the current Product Instructions for Use (IFU) for . the VITROS 500 Series and the VITROS 700 series from Figure 5-1. Chapter 1 Dec 2013 The User Defined Assay (UDA) feature of the VITROS 5,1 FS Chemistry System allows you to . Reference Guide for more information. 1. The VITROS 5,1 FS Chemistry System features a newly expanded, wide accessible MicroTip reagents. • User-defined assay capability. MicroSlide Center with. 21 Jul 2017 The communications protocol used on the VITROS 5,1 FS Chemistry System was created by the . The standard interface cable is supplied by the user. .. Manual Dilution Factor Dilution for the entire sample program. 25 May 2005 systems to the Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics VITROS 5,1 FS Chemistry Operator and service access requirements to the analyzer . analyzer through its Lab Information Port or manually programmed using the analyzer GUI. Amperage, 20a. Data Storage, CD-ROM. Hertz, 47 to 63Hz. Includes, Graphical user interface, ergonomic touchscreen monitor with on-board documentation"With a technology originally designed by Kodak, the Vitros family of Chemistry analyzers is a unique Dry Chemistry Floor Model system. The Ortho Clinical Ortho Clinical Diagnostics - VITROS 5,1 FSClinical Chemistry at another level., Intellicheck Can any bocy please provide me operator manual of Vitros 5.1. 1 Mar 2014 The VITROS® 5,1 FS Chemistry System (hereafter referred to as the 5,1) and For additional information, see the UPS User Guide the customer, refer to the manufacturer's PRINTER manual for the electrical specifications. VITROS® 5,1 FS A high-performance, high-capacity chemistry system with parallel processing for routine and special testing. Productinformation FURTHER

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